August 20, 2009


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, NA, has worked with Heinz Studer, Marketing Director of Fleurop-Interflora EBC LTD on a number of cross promotional marketing programs with their Fleurop and Interflora brands over the last few years, and has relished the experience. As well as benefitted from it. To date, Fleurop-Interflora has provided on appropriate DVD releases either/both special savings offers to our DVD purchasers (for floral arrangements) and/or prizing for sweepstakes attached to such DVD releases. They have been very easy to work with, providing all the assets we need in a forthright, timely and easy manner.


We feel we have benefited from these partnerships as their offerings have spurred incremental sell through for us in the marketplace. Conversely, we have been told that on their side, our marketplace penetration has lifted the sales of their floral products. Definitely a win-win for both sides.


Michael Henry
Director/North America Promotions