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In association with esbe international s.a. we are providing you with high quality promotional gifts, specializing in inventing, designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing branded and co-branded promotional gifts for more than 20 years....


Swarovski is - literally - a multi-faceted brand.


Once known almost exclusively as a supplier of chandeliers and cute crystal figurines, it now enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a cutting edge fashion powerhouse, thanks to a successful diversification into jewellery, watches, leather goods and homeware.


Our crystal items “ETERNAL love” are sparkling innovations from Swarovski, designed to inspire and seduce, CRYSTALLLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements capture the imagination of the public.


ETERNAL love collections are made with genuine CRYSTALLIZED™– Swarovski Elements, what is surely today's ultimate ingredient brand.


Innovation, creativity and product excellence are our established hallmarks, so the CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements presence underlines the added value benefits of creative partnerships.


Do you want to reach out to your customers in a splendid manner! Well, we have many out of the box ideas to help you do this! Swarovski crystal jewellery have always brought a smile to the face of mankind with their glittering shine! We offer you a similar chance to excite your clients and leave a very positive impression in their minds!


We offer Swarovski crystal jewellery as a promotional concept! We have tied up with Swarovski, a world renowned name in the field of crystal jewellery, to offer you marvelous objects which will create a symphony in your client's heart! These jewellery items will also help you position yourself uniquely and win the loyalty of your clients!


Swarovski is a fashion powerhouse. It has created a niche presence for itself. The use of crystals lends it a poetic charm and makes it very desirable! We offer you an exciting range of crystal items - 'Eternal Love' inspired from Swarovski which simply proves to be a perfect gifting idea! Our “Eternal Love' range of products are made from genuine Crystallized Swarovski elements!


We will provide you with end to end services as far as promotional advertising is concerned! The process starts with designing the jewellery as per individual requirements ensuring the highest quality. After product certification and laboratory testing, we will also ensure that Swaorvski crystal watches and crystal pendants are synchronized with your brand communication!


Swarovski crystal jewellery can help you leverage the benefits of promotional marketing and also create a special place for yourself amongst your clients! We will assist you in every step of your promotional marketing endeavor to help you emerge as a winner! So, get ready to bring a radiant shine to your life with Swarovski crystal jewellery!


Your Benefits

  • Sourcing and end-to-end development of products and promotional concepts
  • Design and development using moulds and die casts
  • Our Perfectel ® brand, a label renowned for quality and innovation
  • Product certification, laboratory testing and conformity compliance
  • Adaptation and integration of promotional items into your marketing plans
  • Total quality control and oversight of the entire logistics chain, all the way to your premises.