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No matter what sector a company is in, or regardless of its size, their website requires customers to visit. MORE4URMONEY - M4M - specialize in increasing the number of these potential customers through a mix of online marketing techniques, targeted online advertising, as well as design, build and consultancy on website's usability and conversion tactics.


After its establishment in 1994, Business and Consumer Marketing has changed a lot.


In response to the growing need for a digital marketing solutions provider which would deliver brand and traffic building services via search marketing, MORE4URMONEY was born. Managing Director Heinz E. Studer had a single-minded purpose to raise client profiles online and enjoy the challenges that only digital marketing can deliver.



Heinz E. Studer - Managing Director

Heinz has over 35 years marketing experience working with corporate, government and medium size businesses. Before founding MORE4URMONEY, Heinz spent 10 years as Global Marketing Director with Fleurop-Interflora the world's largest and most popular flower delivery network. Heinz is a Search Engine Marketing Expert with a successful Track Record of driving online marketing through hands-on execution, he is working closely with the Google team in their European Headquarters in Dublin as well as with Google Switzerland. He is a google ADWORDS certified professional.

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With an extensive amount of experience in online and offline marketing, Heinz is committed to delivering online experiences which bring both consumers, businesses and government organizations closer together to deliver a greater return on the online investment.


He develops and maintains relationships with key business partners and we pride ourselves on working with leading companies around the Globe, helping them to differentiate their brands online and engage with their target audience in an increasingly complex digital marketing world.


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  • Don't count the people you reach, reach the people who count.
  • When you are close to who you are talking to, there is no reason to shout.
  • Loyalty cannot be bought, you must earn it.
  • Our company aim is to make life online easy.